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Laser cleaning has wide range of applications.  

It is perfect for removing rust, fluxes, tarnish caused by weather conditions, degreasing, and especially for the renovation and maintenance of monuments, works of art, antiques, sacred objects, architectural details or historic vehicles requiring precision and delicate application.


Resto Laser is a company founded by a museologist with many years of experience in working in museums and art galleries. It guarantees a professional approach to the issues of cleaning and preparing the surface of art objects and monuments in the process of their conservation and restoration.

Laser cleaning technology is non-invasive, energy-saving and environmentally friendly - does not generate any pollution (no abrasives, water or chemicals). The precision of cleaning is guaranteed by the Narran ROD 100 laser with a wide range of parameter settings and beam shapes,  which has been equipped with a TBH BF9 filtration system ensuring safety of the entire process.

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